Bob One

real name Bogumił Morawski - Polish rapper, singer and music producer. Member of Rub Pulse and Rainbow Hi-Fi sound-systems. He is doing solo art projects as well. Bob One, apart from his solo activity, cooperated with such performers as: Junior Stress, Company, Bas Tajpan, TABU, 19SWC, Habakuk, Lukasyno, Miuosh, Kacper, Onar, Paluch, Cayman and Pokahontaz.

The latest album of Bob One and Bas Tajpan has premiered March this year. The artists came back with a new release and in style their fans are used to. The ‘Daj z siebie wszystko’(‘Give it all you’ve got’)hit’s creators have prepared a mixtape, which is to be a one-off from the music that they currently are making solo. It’s a mix of rap, Caribbean and African inspirations. At the same time, it is modern: we’ll refer to music that is now being done in Europe and around the world. We have combined these sounds with the vibe that is distinctive of us. When it comes to this kind of music, this is a new quality in Poland - the artists say about the album. Mixtape ‘Po swojemu’ (‘My way’) includes 10 premiere tracks in afrotrap / dancehall. Bob One is the one behind production of the entire album.


Polish rapper and songwriter. Member of the 2115 Gang band. The musician is signed with the SB Maffija record label. He also cooperated, among others, with rappers such as Solar, Bialas, Taco Hemingway or Quebonafide. ‘Aby śmierć miała znaczenie’ (‘So death has a meaning’) is debut album of Bedoes, who took the nation’s stage with a storm. One of the best producers of the young generation - Kubi Producent – composed the music.

‘This record was made to give death a meaning. Mine, Kuba’s, everyone’s who participated in this project. This album is a history in making. Everyone creates their own. Ours started eighteen, sixteen, twenty years ago - remember these words. This is just the beginning of what we will do with this scene.’- this is how he describes the genesis of his Bedoes debut.

‘Album ‘Aby śmierć miała znaczenie’ is the best thing I ever done as it comes to music. I put all my heart and 100% of my abilities into it. Sleepless nights I suffered when creating this record will stay in my memory forever’ - Kubi Producent adds.




Some call him rapper, the other - poet. He is also a music producer. Jarosław Jaruszewski, and that is his real name, was born in 1984 in Bydgoszcz, and in 1999 he took his first steps on the music scene.

He started with the Piąta Siła team in Bydgoszcz. Being part of this band Bisz created his first album. Next, starting cooperation with Kosa effected in two Eps - ‘Zimy’ in 2007 and ‘Idąc Na Żywioł ‘ in 2009. At the same time Jarosław was part of the B.O.K project. When there, his discography has gone up by two ‘illegals’  - ‘Ballady, Hymny, Hity’ in 2008 and ‘ Raport Z Walki O Wartość ‘ released two years later.

Bisz is above all a genius writer referring in his lyrics to literature, philosophy and all we know as art. He presented his interests in poetry with the release of album ‘Wilk Chodnikowy’ when a collection of his poems was published in the insert. He is charismatic, innovative, possessing this offbeat flow and has something called an ear to the beat - he works on live instruments, sampled backing, with rich orchestration, and even on trap beats (D.Y.H.A. from the mixtape ‘De Nekst Best’). It is worth mentioning that he performs with live band at concerts, often giving his works an absolutely new quality. All of that made his music go beyond the world of hip-hop a long time ago.



Kaliber 44

Polish music group performing hip-hop and one of the most influential bands of this genre in Poland. Formed in 1994 in Katowice by brothers Michał ‘Śp. Brata Joki’ Marten and Marcin ‘Abra dAba’ Marten. Shortly thereafter, the band was completed by Piotr ‘Mag Magik I’ Łuszcz. In 1998, after Łuszcz left, Kaliber 44 has gotten a new development - concert formation named Baku Baku Skład, with the Marten brothers, Maciej ‘WSZ’ Gnatowski, Tomasz ‘CNE’ Kleyff, DJ Bart, Sebastian ‘DJ Feel-X’ Filiks and Piotr ‘Gutek’ Gutkowski. In the peak period of their activity in the years 1996-2000, the group released three studio albums reviewed favorably by both the critics and the public. K44, one of most popular hip-hop bands in Poland, is defined as hardcore psycho rap, a genre created by the band itself.

The group was founded in 1994 in Katowice on the initiative of teenage rappers, brothers Michał Marten known as ‘Śp. Brat Joka’ and Marcin Marten with the stage name of ‘Lord MM Dab’. Shortly thereafter, Piotr Łuszcz joined the team, performing under name of ‘Mag Magik I’. Initially, the band collaborated with Rafał ‘Jajonasz’ Łukaszczyk and Rafał ‘Gano’ Wywioł, rappers from Katowice. The lyrics were written in English, while the music was based on guitar riffs. The first recordings of the trio appeared on a cassette tape entitled ‘Usłysz nasze demo’ (‘Hear our demo’). The next two years was spent on the production of subsequent recordings and trying to sign a deal with a record label. Kaliber 44 works were sent to, among others, rock and heavy metal-oriented Metal Mind Productions, which rejected the material. Finally, Sławomir Pietrzak, the owner of the S.P. Records, showed interest in the group.

In 2012, a Polish feature film titled ‘Jesteś Bogiem’ (‘You are a god’) was published. The film is loosely based on the history of the Polish hip hop group - Paktofonika, and the story focuses on rapper Piotr ‘Magik’ Łuszcza who died in 2000. Abradab emphasized that the scenario omitted the actual beginnings of the artistic activity of ‘Magician’ in the K44 formation and a number of inaccuracies that this version of history introduced.

In 2013, the group resumed playing together. The band's first performance took place at the Open'er Festival, the band performed with instrumentalists, the so-called ‘Live team’. At the same time, the conce