Singer, songwriter, composer. She took the Polish music marked with a storm. Her distinctive features are unique voice and stage personality. She debuted in Opole, where she presented her single ‘Malinowy Chruśniak’ and won the Anna Jantar award - Opole Karolinka. In 2017, her first album ‘AKysz’ was released, on which she worked together with a friend and producer Michał Kush. The album turned out to be a great success - the singles that promoted it went to the tops of the charts, and the music videos reached millions of views. Daria's concerts are vigorous, full of rock energy and fresh sound. After her debut, she performed at the biggest Polish festivals (including Open'er, Orange Warsaw Festival, Męskie Granie), and her first club tour has attracted crowds!

Daria Zawiałow and producer Michał Kush also created an own version of Wojciech Młynarski's ‘Jeszcze w zielone gramy ‘, which in January 2018 climbed to the first place in the renowned chart of the Third Program of Polish Radio.

Daria Zawiałow also received two Fryderyk 2018 awards in the categories of ‘Phonographic debut of the year’ and ‘Album of the year, alternative music’.


The band was formed in 2001 in Skarżysko-Kamienna. For years, it has been one of the most popular Polish bands, tickets for their concerts sold out. The band had done over 1000 concerts across the country, gotten 3 platinum and 4 gold records and holds attendance records in several popular clubs in Poland.

In July 2004, S.P. Records label released the band’s debut album ‘Wszystko jedno’. In April 2007, the Teraz Rock music magazine placed this album among the 50 most important albums in the history of Polish rock. The album received the status of a gold record, like their next album ‘Podróże z i pod prąd’.
In mid-2006, the band got a new drummer - Maciek Sosnowski was replaced by Jarosław Dubiński.

On September 1, 2007 during the third edition of the SKARfest festival organized by the happysad group, the third album of the band - ‘Nieprzygoda’ was released. The album climbed to the first place of OLIS - the chart of bestselling records in Poland - and quickly became a gold record.

The DVD concert of happysad 'Na żywo w STUDIO' gained gold status already on the day of its release, November 24, 2008, and in May 2009 the DVD received platinum status.

In February 2014, the band began working with producer Marcin Bors, with whom they recorded 'Jakby nie nie jutra' album, which in October 2014 made its debut at the top of OLIS, received very good reviews and gained the status of a gold record, all within a month. The latest album of the band ‘Ciało obce‘ was released on February 10, 2017, and the album was joined by 11 video clips made by the SKY Piastowskie crew. The videos gathered a total of over 10 million views within one year of their premiere.



Strachy Na Lachy

The formation was established in 2001 by Grabaż and Kozak, previous founders of Pidżama Porno. The first line-up was completed by bassist Lo and guitarist Mariusz Nalepa. In 2003, the group signed a record contract with an independent record company SP Records. Kuzyn - drums and Anem - keyboards joined the group. In December of the same year, their debut album ‘Strachy Na Lachy’ was released.
In the spring of 2017, Tom Horn leaves the group; he was the producer of all albums of the band to that date, playing also on keyboard. Łukasz Sokołowski becomes the new keyboardist of the group.
The public had to wait almost 4 years for new songs of Grabaż. On 29 September 2017, the sixth studio album ‘Przechodzień o wschodzie’ was released. Music from this album refers to the first release of the group. Nice melodies, lots of dance rhythms and acoustic sounds make up to the term ‘stoppop’, which the band uses to describe music from ‘Przechodzień’. In the case of this record, Strachy, for the first time in their career, entrusted work on the final shape to someone from outside. Activator & Smok at Studio AS One recorded keyboard parts and were responsible for mixing and final sound of the record. ‘Your butterflies’ was the album’s first single. In
Third Program of Polish Radio, it was made the ‘song of the day’ and got to main chart of hits. The second single, which appeared on September 11, 2017, is the song titled ‘Co się z nami stało’.