The band was founded in the winter of 1992 in Gdansk by Tomasz ‘Lipa’ Lipnicki (vocal, guitar), Jurek ‘Jerry’ Rutkowski (guitar) and Paweł Herbascha (drums). Ireneusz Mazurek (previously member of She) became the first bassist, soon replaced by Jarek Śmigiel (ex-IMTM). In the second half of 1992, the group played several concerts in Germany. In May 1993 they won the first edition of the Marlboro Rock-in competition, in August the band performed at the Jarocin Festival and the Art Festival in Żarnowiec, after which – and that was one of the Marlboro Rock-in awards - they appeared in Switzerland at the Gampel Festival (where they played as support of Eric Burdon from The Animals).

The band's first album – titled simply ‘Illusion’ – hit the stores in November 1993. ‘Illusion’ had grunge vibe, and took inspiration from Panther or Cypress Hill. Guest appearances on the record included vocalist Grzegorz ‘Guzik’ Guziński (Ndingue, Red Rooster, later Flapjack) and guitarist Janek Sokołowski (ex-Apteka). A month after the release of debut album, Illusion took part in the War with three stairs in Gdansk, and in April 1994 they went on a tour with Incrowd, in May during the final of the next edition of Marlboro Rock-in performed in Warsaw before The Mission, and in August was one of stars of the Jarocin Festival.

After seven years of playing together, being at the peak of popularity, Illusion unexpectedly suspended their activity. On November 14, 1999, the band played its farewell concert at the ‘Kwadratowa’ club in Gdańsk. During 2.5 hours of the concert fans listened to all the best hits of the group and then each of the guys went his way. Until in 2011, Illusion surprised fans with a new album (‘The Best Of '), where - apart from the band's biggest hits, such as ’Nóż‘,’Na luzie‘ or ’To, co ma nadejść‘- there were two premiere songs: ‘Solą w oku’ and ‘Tron’. In autumn, the band played three concerts: at Ergo Arena in Sopot, Torwar in Warsaw and Spodek in Katowice. Some related bands appeared with them: Tuff Enuff and Flapjack. In 2012, a 2-disc DVD concert recorded in Ergo Arena was released, enriched with music videos made especially for new songs as well as making of made during rehearsals and preparations for the concert. However, it was still necessary to wait for the real return... In 2012, there happened something that only the biggest optimists did not doubt in all these years. Paweł Herbasch, Jerzy Rutkowski and Jarek Śmigiel met and started working on the new material. Tomasz Lipnicki, Lipali, then busy, joined the guys in spring of 2013 and they completed their work together. The tracks were being recorded starting July 2013 in DR studio in Wisła. The album was recorded with all members of the band  in the studio and playing together at one time. The release of the album, which included nine tracks, including one instrumental, was announced for the second half of March 2014. Adam Toczko is responsible for the production of the album, same as with previous albums. Mastering has been taken up by award-winning (including Grammies) Adam Ayan from Gateway Mastering in Portland, that previously mastered the sound of albums by Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, The Animals and Foo Fighters. The album is promoted by a concert tour in which the band will play ten concerts in the largest Polish cities.


Lao Che

Polish crossover band, founded by former members of Koli in 1999, in Płock. The band's name comes from Lao Che (‘Old Che'), one of the supporting characters in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ movie.

On the new album, the band reaches for sounds that can be associated with pop music of the ‘80, however re-arranged in a manner distinctive to the band's work, referring to many musical genres. Piotr 'Emade' Waglewski and Filip 'Wieża' Różański are again taking care of production of the record. New musician has joined the band - Karol Gola (baritone saxophone, keyboards, flute) known among others from the bands Pink Freud and Jazzombie.

The album’s title ‘Wiedza o społeczenstwie’ (Knowledge about the society)leads to a saga about human fate. The actions of people - their weaknesses, fears, doubts, feelings, perceptions and dreams are depicted from the perspective of a Human, a Pole, an Earthling.




Brodka shows what pop music is today: multi-threaded, inspired by electronica, the rich history of song and the world music. Uses many denominators simultaneously and does not allow boredom.

She appeared on the Polish scene first 2004 as the winner of 'Pop Idol', a popular talent show at one of the private TV channels. Born in 1987 in Żywiec, Monika Brodka has produced three albums since then. Immediately after winning the TV she released 'Album', two years later 'Moje piosenki’ appeared, which shortly became gold record. After four years of silence, it was time for 'Granda', which brought a breath of fresh air into Polish pop music and showed Brodka in a completely new light.

Listening to the ‘new Brodka’ one can sketch what today's 'popular music' is - a concept that we use every day, but usually cannot define it. It is multi-threaded, inspired by electronica, the rich history of song and the world music. Uses many denominators simultaneously and does not allow boredom. Combining extremes is easy to observe at Brodka's concerts as 'King of my Castle' - a rave anthem from the 1990s - can be played just after her songs inspired by Beskid folklore. The material from ‘Granda’ was presented at more than 70 concerts - sometimes she performs in some big city’s clubs (from Warsaw to London), at prestigious festivals (Open'er, Hungarian Sziget, Latvian Positivus), but also at local events. In what direction will Brodka's creativity develop? Let's hope that she will only broaden her horizons and activities - after all pop music has no limits.