The idea


Festival’s idea

FESTIWAL GDAŃSK DŹWIGA MUZE (GDANSK LIFTS THE MUSIC) is an international, the only one in Poland and second in Europe,

festival dedicated in whole to dance culture. For the last nine years, during summer, Plac Zebrań Ludowych square in the center of the City of Gdańsk is being transformed into a festival town with dance zones, a regeneration zone, a music main stage, a dance park, filling with thousands of fans of different dance styles, artists and fans of street art and music from all over Poland and from abroad. The magic of this event is generated by young people, emanating with extraordinary energy and joy, induced by their real passion of dance and music.


The main attraction of the Festival is a two-day series of dance workshops held in professionally set dance tents. Appreciating that dance is not only a passion but also art, culture and lifestyle, we design space for the Festival Guests to exchange their experiences. That is an excellent alternative to music-only festivals, an attractive form of spending free time in the summer, an inspiration for the Guests’ further creative exploration. Our workshops are aimed at enabling direct cooperation with the influencers of the dance world, bringing distant stars closer to anyone who wants to learn from the best. So far, we have hosted choreographers from the United States, France, Japan, Algeria, Germany and Russia.


The battles of "Best Performance" dance teams are an important element of the Festival.  The best hip hop, dancehall, popping and breakdance dancers present their skills on the festival stage and fight for monetary award as well as the trophy of Gdańsk Mayor Cup. At daytime, besides participating in dance workshops, the Festival Guests spend most of their time gathered in front of a small outdoor stage where dance battles go on. During the last year's edition of the Festival, an impressive number of almost 200 hip hop dancers showcased their talents. Watching them, it was impossible to resist the impression that the character of dance battles resembles freestyle rap duels, the difference being that that during dance battles your superiority was demonstrated not by words, but by movement, gesticulation, mimicry.


An essential part of the project are spray can graffiti art workshops supervised by professional instructors. Those workshops are crowded mainly by young art school students wanting to broaden the range of their painting experience. The comprehensive program of the Festival is designed to integrate different worlds of dancers and painters.


The main event of each day of the Festival is the evening concert of Polish and international music stars on the large outdoor stage. Up to now, over fifty artists from Poland and abroad have performed in our previous editions of the Festival:

Kult (2017), Organek (2017), Fisz Emade Tworzywo (2017), Last of the Real (2017), Grubson (2017), Bednarek (2017), Ten Typ Mes (2017), Bonson (2017), Zeus (2017), Kękę (2017), Hey (2016), Luxtorpeda (2016), Lao Che (2016), Julia Marcell (2016), Milczenie Owiec (2016), L.U.C. (2016), Promoe (2016), Bisz (2016), Rapsusklei (2016), Jan Feat & Rebel Babel Ensemble (2016), Steve Nash & Turntable Orchestra (2016), Tede (2016), Kaen (2016), Taco Hamingway (2016), Edzio/Filipek (2016), Vavamuffin (2015), Quebonafide (2015), Kuba Knap (2015), Grubson (2015), Pokahontaz (2015), Shot for Mia (2015), ShataQS (2014), Łąki Łan (2014), Pustki (2014), Pięć Dwa (2014), RH- (2014), Sokół&Marysia Starosta (2014), Bisz (B.O.K.) (2014), Hunter (2014), Ten Typ Mes (2014), Luxtorpeda (2014), Kaliber 44 (2014), Waglewski Fisz Emade (2014), Hey (2014), Looptroop Rockers (2014), KRS-One (2013), TE-TRIS & W.E.N.A. (2013), O.S.T.R. (2013), Raggafaya (2013), JWP (2013), ŃEMY (2013), Happysad (2013), Lao Che (2013), Strachy na Lachy (2013), Sidney Polak (2013), Jelonek (2013), Marika (2013), Sistars (2012), sensational and phenomenal Nigerian artist Nneka (2012), Diox & The Returners (2012), Jamal (2012), Dilated Peoples (2012), Abradab (2011), Das Efx (2011), Vienio (2011), Warszafski Deszcz (2011), Trzeci Wymiar (2011), Charles Stewart Chali 2 (2011), The Shapeshifters (2010), Wet Fingers (2010) , Arkadiusz Rosiński DJ Wara (2010), rapper's duet, which includes Lil' Fame and Billy Danze M.O.P. Mass Out Posse (2010) , Tede (2010), one of the best Polish djs DJ Noz (2010), top dj from 3city DJ Define, Manchester (2009), TKM (2009), Afromental (2009), Fabryka (2009), Patrycja Markowska (2009), (2009), Kciuk and the Fingers (2009), Golden Life (2009), Skinny Patrini (2009), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2009), Addicted to Rock (2009), Ziemianie (2009), M-FAZA (2009), Mumiy Troll (2009), Kiev Office (2009), Ringside (2009), Pilwinski Band (2009), Kat Deluna (2009), Saluminesia (2009), Katie Melua (2009).