The Organizer

Music Stage of the Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture is a specialized municipal facility with many years of experience in the professional arrangement and production of cultural events, concerts and large-scale outdoor performances in the city landscape. Our main interests are the implementation of cultural and cultural education projects, in particular related to dance and music.

In the summertime, we focus on the organization of big outdoor events in the City of Gdańsk, at the Plac Zebrań Ludowych Square. Those events include Midsummer Night Performance and Gdańsk Hoists the Music Festival.

In the autumn and winter, our activity is focused mainly on projects happening at our headquarters at ul. Powstańców Warszawskich 25 in Gdańsk. Apart from permanent educational activity - workshops at such dance styles as hip hop, dancehall, popping, breakdance - we carry out a number of dance events:  competitions, jams (Blockbattle, Come for Battle. Sea Edition, Dancehall Challenge, Breakscene, Unity Cypher), lectures and discussion panels (5th Knowledge Spot) - all for young people whose passion is dancing.

Our free time offer includes also something for all those who love to laugh. As part of the Comic Act Music Stage, we invite the most popular comic art performers’ groups of the young generation as well as the legends of the Polish cabaret/comic act scene. So far, we have organized nearly 30 performances, among them Kabaret Nowaki, Kabaret Słuchajcie, Jurki, Łowcy B., Ciach, Kabaret Skeczów Męczących, Smile, Limo, Jerzy Kryszak and Jan Pietrzak.

Our Music Stage arranges live concerts too. On our "small stage" we regularly present young Tricity musicians from (among others) the Academy of Music in Gdańsk. Last year they performed at “First Fridays of the Month” - a series of jazz concerts. The stage hosts also legends of Polish music, including Nocna Zmiana Bluesa, Martyna Jakubowicz, Lipali, Jose Torres. In the fall of last year, we had My Music For Peace concert of Steve Kindler, a genius virtuoso of unique violins and Hopkele band, playing old-style Jewish melodies with a modern spin. There has been also some rock, with the KISSI tribute concert, paying homage to the unusually colorful legend of the rock scene - American KISS. In June, we hosted K80'S, band made of young Tricity musicians, inspired by the atmosphere of 80's music - electronic sounds of synthesizers and other keyboard instruments. In 2014 we had Chłopcy kontra Basia performing at the 22nd Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the Łódź band L.Stadt and the Wrocław-based Mikromusic.

In addition, for several years on the last weekend of October, at Music Stage there is a yearly meeting of collectors and users of home computers and retro-consoles created in the last decades of the 20th century. The meeting is a part of the retrospective and nostalgic project "RetroKomp".

Music Stage is also managing very popular city facility in the winter season - the ice rink on Plac Zebrań Ludowych Square. Every year, on November 2, we provide the people of Gdańsk with a full-sized ice rink, a place for fun and recreation for entire families and school groups. Our statistics speak for themselves - about 1,000 people visit us every day, which means 30,000 people a month and 120,000 in a season lasting until February 28! In addition to our regular activities and using our capabilities and the potential of this space, we also organize special events on the ice ringincluding: Halloween, St. Nicholas' Day and Valentine's Day.